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I started pilates at Scoop in May and have loved the results I have achieved. I had 2 c-sections and tried every workout to get rid of my “baby pooch”, and Scoop Pilates is the only thing that has made a noticeable difference. I even wore a bikini for the first time in 10 years this summer! Phillip is a great, dedicated and patient teacher and has taught me to focus on my core, which has helped with running, posture and lower back issues.
I would highly recommend Scoop Pilates to everyone no matter your fitness level, Phillip really customizes the workout to fit your skill level. Scoop Pilates definitely benefits everyone!

Shari S. (pilates client)

I’ve been a client of Scoop Pilates for about 4 months now, and I am really loving it! As someone who has never enjoyed working out in a gym or attending classes, I am amazed that I keep going back….and three times a week, too!
Lee hip side Stretch Our instructor Phillip is fun, knowledgeable and keeps us motivated, encourages us to keep going and incorporates new moves to keep it new and challenging. Although I do have some back problems, my back seems to be getting stronger, and Phillip is great at reminding me to “protect my body”. I can see and feel a difference in my body, and can do so many moves now that I couldn’t do in the beginning. It is exciting to see progress!  I like the fact that Tracey is a Physical Therapist…she was present during my introduction to Pilates, and was so helpful and kind in showing me how to “work around” and modify some of the exercises so I wouldn’t compromise my back. Phillip and Tracey are extremely welcoming, professional and even try to work with our schedules when coordinating classes. I love going there, and I am so glad I stepped out of my box and gave it a chance. I’ve made it a priority in my life, and I hope they stay around for many years!

Lee D. (pilates client) 

Working with Phillip for the past 2 years has been the best thing for my career!  As a professional athlete, confidence plays a major factor in my performance.  He has Phil and Client
helped me add strength and quickness to my game, and I noticed a very quick change in my body.  Before working with Phillip I was relying on skill only and not really taking weight training serious.  Now, I look forward to his training sessions and also take the workouts with me overseas and introduce them to some of my other teammates.  They enjoy the rsults as much as I do!  He has truly been instrumental in helping me take my game to the next level!  He's very hands on and pushes you towards your highest performance even when you don't feel like you have it in you.  He also keeps the workouts interesting by not repeating the same things over and over.  I can truly say his training works, and you will see results very fast if you stick with it!

Jason Robinson (personal training client, professional basketball player) 

After trying about a million types of exercise and hating them all, I finally found something I love. Pilates is so much easier on my body than anything I've done in the past, and was actually recommended to me by the Physical Therapist I was seeing after I hurt my hip running. The reformer is awesome and it makes the exercises fun. After almost 4 months of classes, I have better posture and my clothes fit better. For the first time ever, I've had people ask me what I've been doing, and that makes me feel great. Phillip is the instructor at Scoop and he is amazing and endlessly patient with me when I am trying to learn new moves. His wife Tracey, who is a Physical Therapist, is wonderful too, and is always eager to answer our Physical Therapy-related questions. I have loved the whole experience I've had at Scoop.

Patti F. (pilates client)

 I HATE EXERCISE! Four years after the birth of our son, I couldn't seem to lose the last 20 lbs! And, needless to say, things were getting worse, not better. So, I half-heartedly began training with Phillip. I whined and complained at each training session about how much I hated working out, but was secretly happy with the changes I was beginning to see. My arms had more definition (no more jiggling ladies), my legs were stronger, my heart was healthier, and yes, I now have abs!!!!  Phillip is extremely patient, and his personality works well even with those who hate the gym and hate working out. Each training session incorporated a total body workout, from head to toe. This was important for me, since I refused to workout everyday (I trained just 2 days per week). So, yes, it took me a little longer, becuase, again, I HATE WORKING OUT, but the results were worth it! My sessions were tailored to meet my fitness goals. I should say, don't let Phillip's calm demeanor fool you, just ask my husband...
My husband started out almost 300 lbs and.....well, I will let him tell you his story of how Phillip's expertise had changed us for the better!

Dana Johnson (personal training client)

Along with achieving their "Mission", Scoop Pilates has helped me to deal
with and overcome some old injuries and has enabled me to expand my
physical fitness regime to a level that is much higher than I could have
imagined - Thank you Phillip and Tracey!

Carole J. (pilates client) 


Our mission is to provide each client with uncompromising quality and service that will yield astonishing physical results in a small, intimate setting. We also intend to calm your mind by providing a stress free, friendly environment that will leave you looking forward to your next session.



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